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UeaT is the student-focused face of Food Services at the University of Toronto.

We oversee more than 30 locations across the St. George campus and run programs like the Local Food Challenge, Veggie Mondays and a handful of environmental initiatives.

Even if you haven’t seen us at one of our many annual events, you’ve probably seen our vegan, vegetarian, halal or gluten-free labels around campus.

So spread the word and tell the world just how important food is to you! Show your support for a new vision of what food can be at U of T!

Latest Articles

March 03, 2015

Cultural Cuisine: Italy

Creamy Avocado Tomato Pasta

Welcome back to Cultural Cuisine! This week’s issue will cover the most fashionable boot of the world; Italy. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is undoubtedly one of most popular “must-see” destinations. There is no shortage of admiration of the antiquities that Italy has been so adamant about preserving. Preserving the memory [ Read More ]

February 27, 2015

Flavour Friday – Vegan Black Beans with Mojo Sauce


This week’s Flavour Friday explores the world of vegan cuisine! Thanks to U of T student Megan, we’ve got an amazingly tasty and simple recipe for Vegan Black Beans with Mojo Sauce, a Miami-take on Cuban cuisine which incorporates the flavours of black beans, spinach, baked plantains and zestful Mojo sauce. Growing up in Miami, Megan [ Read More ]

February 27, 2015

Black History Month Lunch at The Exchange

Lunch Food

In celebration of Black History Month, Food Services at the University of Toronto offered a special lunch menu on February 26, 2015 as part of Black History Month’s commemoration and remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. I chose to check out the cafe space at The Exchange (also [ Read More ]

February 24, 2015

All About Locations: Panini, the OISE Cafe

Full Lunch

In the latest instalment of our All About Locations series, UeaT took a trip to the OISE building at 252 Bloor Street. Apart from its famed auditorium where you can faintly hear the subway rumbling by every few minutes, I didn’t know too much about the location. If you haven’t had a lecture there, a [ Read More ]

February 20, 2015

Flavour Friday – Taiwanese Beef Noodles


Happy Lunar New Year everybody! Funny story but there’s a teensy bit of confusion concerning what year it is now: is it the year of the sheep, the year of the ram, or the year of the goat? The Chinese character 羊 (which could refer to all three) doesn’t really help sort the mess out. [ Read More ]

February 19, 2015

Lunar New Year: Howard Ferguson Dining Hall

Main course

Happy Lunar New Year 2015! As you may have heard, Food Services has been hosting Lunar New Year lunch specials all over campus so I decided to check one out. I was looking for a vegetarian option so I visited the UeaT website for some information. I decided on Howard Ferguson dining hall because my [ Read More ]

February 17, 2015

Foodie Field Trip: Reading Week

Toronto Streets

Finally, the event all U of T students have been waiting for: Reading Week! The winter semester has been coming at us full speed ahead, but from February 16th to the 22nd, you can take a moment to breathe, read, and EAT! For those of you going on vacation, have fun with that. For those [ Read More ]

February 17, 2015

Starbucks Custom Coffee Contest

red velvet

U of T coffee lovers will have one more reason to swing by the campus’s three Starbucks locations this month, thanks to the Custom Coffee Contest! Three different baristas from each U of T Starbucks have created their own custom coffee beverage. You can try the three semi-finalist’s coffees at the locations below from February [ Read More ]