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Who Are We

UeaT is the student-focused face of Food Services at the University of Toronto.

We oversee more than 30 locations across the St. George campus and run programs like the Local Food Challenge, Veggie Mondays and a handful of environmental initiatives.

Even if you haven’t seen us at one of our many annual events, you’ve probably seen our vegan, vegetarian, halal or gluten-free labels around campus.

So spread the word and tell the world just how important food is to you! Show your support for a new vision of what food can be at U of T!

Latest Articles

July 14, 2014

Your Kitchen Herb Garden

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Anyone cooking in a student kitchen understands the challenge: using minimal ingredients to make a nutritious, flavourful meal. One of the easiest ways to make your meals more interesting is adding herbs. A pinch of herbs can add a new dimension of flavour to your recipes. Herbs can be expensive to buy in a store, [ Read More ]

July 07, 2014

What’s Your Kale?

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It looks like Mom was right yet again; it’s better to eat your veggies, especially kale. This time though, it’s not just well-meaning parents who are getting into vitamin-rich veggies. Everyone is into the current kale craze! To find out about how people are incorporating kale into their daily diets, I went around the UeaT [ Read More ]

June 30, 2014

Colour and Your Appetite


By Nic Farber Restaurants have many ways of snagging your appetite by the hook. Find out how the psychology of colour can impact your food choices.

June 16, 2014

Sustainability: a Consumer’s Dilemma


by Maria Bhersafi. Let’s imagine that you’re a University of Toronto student taking a seat on a bench outside Sidney Smith on a hot summer’s day. You’ve been running around between classes, work and catching up with friends, and amidst the chaos of your day, you’ve forgotten to take a break and re-energize.  Sitting on [ Read More ]

June 09, 2014

A Timeline of Local Food at U of T

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By Lauren Sutherland The food services industry has had its fair share of fads and food crazes (quinoa anyone?), in part because we are always looking for better ways to eat. Occasionally there comes a genuine food revolution that not only changes the way we eat, but the way we understand our food systems. One [ Read More ]

June 02, 2014

A Tour of Toronto’s Markets

Stonemill Bakehouse

By Andreea Musulan If you are a new student at U of T or are looking to explore the city during the summer, start with Toronto’s staple markets! The Kensington and St. Lawrence markets have developed over generations, providing unique communities within Toronto. From activists to artists to entrepreneurs, the markets bring diverse groups of [ Read More ]

May 26, 2014

How To Know When An Egg Goes Bad


by Nic Farber. Have you ever gotten your skillet ready for a morning omelet, only to notice the expiration date on the carton has passed? Or have you been suspicious of eggs that sat at the back of the fridge for several weeks, not knowing whether to eat them or not? We’ve all been there, so [ Read More ]

May 20, 2014

Celebrate Spring Cuisine!

It seems hard to believe that another academic year is coming to an end, but it’s a welcome revelation! Not only are students happy to get a break from class, but there’s a whole new realm of foodie possibilities that come with the warm weather. An abundance of delicious produce is available at this time [ Read More ]