Burger Girls_opt

As I’m sure most students have noticed, Food Services updated Sid’s Cafe and the MSB cafeteria over the course of summer 2015, introducing five new concepts! From burgers to pizza, there’s a lot more variety now on campus, rather than your regular old Pizza Pizza and Sultan’s combination. One afternoon in mid-October, I decided to give the new burger concept a try. Now nestled beside the eternally busy Spring Rolls in Sid’s Cafe (replacing both the Pizza Pizza and Sultan’s before it), the Gourmet Burger House boasts a menu of delicious, signature burgers created by the campus chefs, as well as a custom hamburger or cheeseburger option, vegetarian alternatives, and halal certified. You can get the burgers à la carte, or combo it with a drink and fries or poutine to make a full meal. All the burgers are hand-crafted, and made fresh–this isn’t some fast food joint with pounds of pre-made burgers sitting in the backroom storage!

I went between class times, so initially it was very quiet, and I ordered quickly. By recommendation, I went with the “Double Onion Burger,” a campus chef creation, and opted for the single patty. While I was waiting, it really picked up. As people flooded out of their classrooms, they sought Sid’s Cafe for a late lunch of hearty burgers and zesty Mexican. A long line quickly formed and many students were milling about, waiting for their burgers, poutine, and fries.
2 BurgersEach burger, signature or not, comes with the option of a single or double patty. There are six signature burgers, the vegetarian option being a portobello mushroom with panko. The custom options give an array of toppings, from your regular lettuce and tomato, to jalapeno peppers and steak sauce. As I said, I opted for the single patty “Double Onion Burger,” which included melted cheese, sweet red onion relish, and onion rings. I’m a huge fan of onions–sauteed, fried, in rings, straight-up, so this was definitely the burger for me. I don’t think anyone would’ve wanted to hang out with me that afternoon, however. I essentially devoured my burger. It was great, a good recommendation, but I can see how a double patty would have made it a bit more satisfying–which I will probably get from now on.

If you haven’t tried it already, go ahead and grab a burger at Sid Smith’s new Gourmet Burger House! Next time, I’m going to play around with their custom option and try a bunch of different combos until I’ve found my perfect burger. Until then, enjoy your new concepts, UofT, and eat well!

– Emily Hotton