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Lug A Mug

Lug-a-Mug takes the paper cups out of coffee. As one of Food Services’ longest running campaigns, it’s also one of the most effective recycling programs on campus. Purchase a beverage at any of the participating locations and if you use your Lug-A-Mug you’ll receive 25 cents off the price of that beverage.

UeaT began the Lug-a-Mug campaign about 6 years ago, with the vision of a greener future. Today, the campaign is still running with more traction that ever before.

Every year, Lug-a-Mug saves about 150,000 waxed, paper coffee cups from ending up in landfills. To encourage this number to grow, UeaT has raised the savings for U of T patrons from $0.05 to $0.25.

At present the Lug-A-Mug campaign is not distributing new mugs available for purchase. If you do have a mug from our previous campaigns, you are still welcome to use it and receive your discount.