MSB’s Soup! is one of the five new concepts introduced at the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year. It provides students with many options for their custom soups, as well as a combo with a bread roll and piece of fruit. Unlike the other new locations, there is no pre-made menu. It’s all on you; you can make your soup as healthy (or unhealthy) as you like. Sure, you could bring your own can of soup from home for lunch, but then there’s the never-ending microwave lines, lugging around dishes and containers, and, well, it’s not fresh and made just for you like Soup! offers.

In three simple steps, you can create your own custom soup for $4.99. First you pick your broth, with usually four options available: chicken stock, vegetable broth, miso soup, or the stock of the day. You can then choose up to 4 free ingredients to fill up your soup from a variety of vegetables, beans, meat, as well as other ingredients like tofu, lemongrass and croutons. Last is the grain component, which you can choose from spaghetti, white rice, quinoa, penne pasta, and chow mein noodles.

They simmer it up right before your eyes, seasoning it with salt and pepper to your taste, and pour it into a container for you in a short 5 minutes or so. A quick and easy, yet delicious, lunch!

I decided on soup with chicken broth, with chicken, potatoes, corn, green onions, and penne pasta. It came in an absolutely huge container, filled to the brim. The broth was spiced just enough, and there was a good amount of the fillings within.

If you haven’t yet tried Soup! yet (or any of the other new concepts), definitely seek it out on your next lunch break. It’s a great little addition to the MSB cafeteria, and is definitely something you’ll want during those cold winter days that are sure to come in February after our mild winter.

Want to see all your options? Take a look at the Soup! menu.

Enjoy your soup, UofT!

– Emily Hotton