Campus Exam Eats

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MSB cafeteria food offerings

Two exams down, two to go. You’ve been in the library for at least six hours, it’s probably going to be an all-nighter, and you quickly blew through all the snacks you brought from home. You’re going to need to eat soon, search out food somewhere on campus…but where to go?

Luckily Food Services has got your back, with an all-around guide to eating on-campus during exams!

Extended hours have been put in place for some of our busiest locations for the exam season–now you can enjoy your favourite campus food locations for longer!

If you’re on the north-west part of campus, stop into the Exchange Café for a hot meal or sandwich, or perhaps indulge in their all-day breakfast! Robarts Cafeteria boasts a variety of sandwiches, salads, pastas, as well as Subway and Starbucks, which will both have extended hours (Starbucks will be open for 24 hours). Even still, don’t forget about Innis Café! They won’t have extended hours for exams, but their “Mom and Pop Shop” appeal is very charming, and they have a great space to eat and study.

The infamous Sid Smith’s opened two new concepts this year, to accompany Spring Rolls and Tim Horton’s. Stop in for a hearty burger with fries from the Gourmet Burger House, or grab a burrito from Tortilla. Want something small? Tim Horton’s will be open longer and later, or hit up the Second Cup on the ground floor. Sid Smith’s Cafeteria can be a great place to study, but there’s always the two study areas on the ground floor which have comfy chairs and nice floor-to-ceiling windows, just to remind you that there is, indeed, an outside world still.

Just across the street from Sid’s is UC’s Café Reznikoff in Morrison Hall Residence. Smaller, but very charming, they serve hot meals, salads, soup, coffee, and much more.

A little farther south on campus? Not a problem. The Medical Science Building was also revamped this past summer, and now includes Soup!, Not Just Greens, and Stone Oven Pizza, joining your friendly U of T Spring Rolls and Starbucks. Get your own custom-made soups, salads, and pizzas from these amazing new concepts to get you through your study period. Study in Med Sci’s Cafeteria seating area so you’re never too far from the comforts of fresh coffee and a hot bowl of soup.

If you’re feeling a little greener, stop by the Green Beet in Gerstein Library for a nice organic meal, including vegan meals. Or if you’re looking for more options, head over to Sammy’s in Hart House, and hunker down in the Arbor Room for a nice and long study session with a shawarma. The Arbor Room, with its wood paneling and warmth, has quite the “old university” feel to it.