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September 19, 2014

Reintroducing Lauren Sutherland

A welcoming tribute to the return of Lauren Sutherland; UeaT blog veteran, editor and aspiring journalist:    

September 19, 2014

UeaT at Club’s Fair!

It was a brilliantly sunny day on September 3rd: a perfect way to launch UTSU’s annual Clubs Fair at Hart House. The streets were packed, music was blaring from various directions, and the bright-eyed first years bustled from booth to booth, occasionally stopping to watch performances put on by various clubs. While many Frosh events [ Read More ]

September 19, 2014

Flavour Fridays – Sizzling Chicken Teriyaki

Today we’re launching a tasty new weekly segment: Flavour Fridays! What’s the reason for such mouth-watering alliteration? Simple, every Friday we’ll showcase a student at U of T who shares a dish (or two or three) they love to cook with the wider university community. In doing so, we celebrate the cultural and culinary diversity [ Read More ]

September 17, 2014

Introducing… Jenna!

        Almost immediately upon meeting her, anyone would agree that Jenna is the perfect fit for the role of social media coordinator and all-around cultural connoisseur. Bubbly, warm, and hilarious, Jenna certainly understands the social innately. Besides that, the girl knows good food, making her a perfect fit for UeaT’s new Media Team.       [ Read More ]

September 11, 2014

Coffee with a Conscience: Lug a Mug

For students who are new to U of T, or maybe students who aren’t so new,  you might not be aware of UeaT’s Lug a Mug program. If you’ll excuse the tea pun, it boils down to this; when you buy a coffee or tea in your reusable container (mug, thermos, bottle, jar, one of [ Read More ]

September 09, 2014

Food Services: Facts for Freshmen

When I started University, food seemed scarce. My pockets were empty, my purse was full of M & M wrappers and I was paying for coffee with nickels and dimes I dug out of the tear in the inseam of my handbag. What  a life. Out of a daze I stumbled onto a UeaT ambassador. [ Read More ]

September 02, 2014

Frosh Week Survival Guide

The first week of September is here, and although summer is fading away, September is admittedly exciting. Students return to campus, old friends see each other again, classes begin, and everyone has the pleasure of buying books and waking up early. Another reason the first week of September is so exciting? Frosh week. Ontario is [ Read More ]

August 28, 2014

All About Kitchen Knives

By Daniella Ruggerio Ask any chef what their most important tool is in the kitchen, and you’ll get the same answer: a knife. It’s nearly impossible to cook without a good knife, but these basic and often overlooked tools can be far more complicated than they seem. If you’re a budding student chef, this is [ Read More ]

August 25, 2014

Waste Not Wanted Leftovers: Eco-Trays

September is arriving fast, which means one thing: students are about to be very busy. Between classes, work, activities, family and friends, and getting caught up on all the good September T.V. premiers, there’s a lot to do. Since so much time is spent in transit from one commitments to another, many students don’t have [ Read More ]

August 22, 2014

Innis Cafe Update

Innis renovations have brought along new sensations of a lounge-style rooftop patio! Bring your friends and your books to come take a look at the new terrace upstairs. On a side note, Innis College also has been under construction for a new auditorium. Therefore, getting into Innis Café is no longer a straight shoot, direct [ Read More ]

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