Meal Plan Eligibility

Meal Plans are only available to members of the University of Toronto community that hold a valid TCard. This would include:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Graduate Students
  • Postdoctoral Students
  • Staff
  • Faculty
  • Alumni
  • Visiting students and Faculty (must obtain an active TCard)
  • Researchers (must obtain an active TCard)

Meal Plan Use

  • Your Meal Plan funds can only be accessed using your TCard.
  • Your Meal Plan is non-transferable and can only be used by the person to whom it was sold (the person whose name and picture appears on the TCard).
  • Your Dining Dollar Meal Plan can be used at New College Dining Hall, Chestnut Dining Hall, CampusOne and the included TBucks can be used at food merchants located at the University of Toronto St. George campus.
  • Meal Plans can only be used by the account holder. Your TCard is not transferrable. You can purchase meals for your friends using TBucks, but they cannot use your TCard.

Benefits of Purchasing a Meal Plan

Food Services provides a variety of Meal Plan options to accommodate the diverse lifestyles of a wide range of students. Each Meal Plan available offers the following benefits:

  • No Cash Needed – students will not have to worry about carrying cash or bank cards. It’s as easy as swiping your TCard. Meal Plans are loaded onto student TCards within 24 hours or purchase. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s secure.
  • Buy Online – too busy to come into the Food Services office? Or do you live outside of Toronto? You can purchase your Meal Plan online at
  • Plans are refundable – All Food Services Dining Meal Plans and TBucks are eligible for a refund. If the Meal Plan you have purchased is not what you expect or you cannot finish the monies by the time your plan expires, you can request a refund of your Dining Plan or transfer the remaining balance over to TBucks. A $50 administration fee applies.
  • Access Sales and Deals Year Round – You will save with special deals and promotions at campus food locations throughout the study year. All students that purchase a Meal Plan will automatically be signed up for Food365, the Food Services monthly newsletter to keep you posted on all of the great specials throughout the year and help increase the value of your Meal Plan.
  • 10% discount entry to Dining Halls.
  • 5% discount at select food locations on campus.

Non-taxable and Taxable Meal Plans

Certain Food Services Meal Plans are eligible for tax exemption according to the Ontario Tax Law. Food Services is not authorized to influence these laws so all Flexible Meal Plans are taxable.  All Dining Dollar Plans include TBucks. Please note any purchase being made on a non-taxable plan using TBucks at any of the thirty plus retail locations associated with Food Services across campus will not be tax-exempt. Applicable taxes will be charged at the time of purchase on all transactions made with TBucks at any location on campus.  Please refer to the table below for Food Services non-taxable and taxable Meal Plans.

Tax exempt Dining Meal Plans

  • Unlimited Access Monthly Plan: $695 (+ $25 TBucks)
  • Unlimited Access Semester Plan: $2700 (+$150 TBucks)
  • Unlimited Yearly Plan: $5300(+$300 TBucks)

TBucks Packages

  • Light 150: $150
  • Regular 500: $500
  • Saver 1000: $1000

There are no tax savings associated with TBucks or TBucks packages.

You can load any amount (minimum of $5) of TBucks into your TCard however packages provide additional savings based on the average use. Average Use is based on average student eating habits using average price points for meals. This will vary from student to student. Actual use will depend on number of meals student has per day as well as cost per meal. 

Meal Plan Expiration Date

All Food Services Dining Meal Plans have a clearly stated expiration date. Please be aware of the expiry date in the description of the Dining Meal Plan at the time of purchase. Semester plans expire at the end of each academic semester, yearly plans expire at the end of the academic year. Monthly plans expire 30 days after the date they have been activated. When a plan expires, the account is deleted regardless of the remaining balance. The balance of an active Meal Plan can be refunded. Refunds must be requested before the plan expires. Any requests submitted after the expiry date will not be processed. A $50 administration fee will be deducted from your account balance upon request of a refund. The balance of an active Meal Plan can be transferred over to TBucks and must be requested before the plan expires. TBucks do not expire and carry over.


All Food Services Dining Meal Plans and TBucks are eligible for a refund. There is a $50 administration fee charged upon the request of a refund or transfer, which is automatically deducted from the remaining balance of your account. Refunds are issued back to the method of payment used on the day of purchase with the exception of cash payments. Meal Plans purchased with cash will be refunded by check. For information on TBucks refund policy, please visit Flexible plans can be refunded at any time prior to graduation, but they are still valid for up to one year after a student has graduated or as long as the individual has an active TCard.  It is important to note that complimentary residence meals, guest passes and complimentary TBucks are non-refundable.

Meal Plan Restrictions

All Food Services TBucks can be used at any of the 30+ locations across campus associated with Food Services to purchase food and beverages. TBucks cannot be used towards the following:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cigarettes
  • Gift Cards
  • Cash back request
  • Additional University fees

Lost or Stolen TCards

  • If your TCard is lost/stolen, please contact the TCard office directly to cancel the card.
  • Food Services will freeze the student’s Meal Plan upon request until their TCard is found or replaced. It is the student’s responsibility to contact Food Services if their TCard is lost or stolen.
  • Food Services is not responsible for purchases made when TCards are lost or stolen.

Bonus TBucks

If your Meal Plan includes complimentary or bonus TBucks, they will be loaded onto your TCard at the time of purchase at no additional cost. Please note that the balance of your complimentary dollars will not appear on your account until your initial Meal Plan balance has reached $0.00. Your complimentary dollars will be automatically activated and this will require no extra effort on your part.

Dietary Restrictions

Food Services offers a variety of dietary options at campus food locations including: Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten Free and raw foods. If you have religious or health-related dietary restrictions, please contact the Food Services Registered Dietitian at

Sharing your Meal Plan

Meal Plans can only be used by the account holder. Your TCard is NOT transferrable. You can purchase meals for your friends using the TBucks as part of your plan, but they cannot use your TCard.

University Rights

All personal information provided at the time of purchase is kept confidential and only used in compliance with Meal Plan transactions.

If you have further questions about the use of your Meal Plan or information in general please contact our offices via email at
or phone 416-978-1309

To view the full TCard+ and TBucks policy, click here.