For most university students, time is short, funds are low, and the cost of eating out is high. The University of Toronto provides a selection of nutritious, well-priced Meal Plans for residence and commuter students.

TBucks (formerly known as Flex/Flexible Dollars are the new way to pay for food, textbooks, printing and photocopying on campus.

TBucks DO NOT expire and will be carried over to next semester however TBucks INCLUDED in a Dining Dollar Meal plan DO expire at the same time your Dining Dollar Meal Plan does. If you have questions about TBucks and the changes click here.

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We are here to help

If you are unsure about which meal plan to choose or need further information about a specific meal plan then come into our offices at 229 College Street, 2nd Floor. Can’t pay us a visit? then call on 416 978 1309 or email

You can purchase TBucks online 24/7. Just click on “Purchase a Meal Plan” and follow the steps. Please note we are unable to process TBucks or Dining Plan orders over the phone.