Our Commitment

We are committed to providing safe, tasty, and healthy food to customers with a variety of food allergies or intolerances and other dietary restrictions.

We do not have allergen-free kitchens on campus but our staff is trained to prepare food in a safe and thoughtful manner. While it is almost impossible to completely prevent the transmission of food particles in a kitchen, we do our best to ensure that only the ingredients that are supposed to be in a menu item make their way in. We do this by taking precautions to minimize cross contamination from the moment we receive ingredients all the way through to serving food to customers, regular review of ingredient lists, and use of standardized recipes.

All of our staff members have undergone food safety training through a reputable institute and all of our chefs and supervisors have received advanced food safety training. These trainings incorporate guidelines from Food Allergy Canada. We have chefs at the following locations who are aware of all of the ingredients that are used onsite and are available to answer questions about the menu: Medical Sciences Building Cafeteria, Robarts Cafeteria, Sid’s Café, New College Dining Hall, Chestnut Tree, and Campus One. The following locations do not have chefs onsite but are supported by our culinary team: The Green Beet, OISE Café, The Cube, Café AC, Goodman’s LLP Café at Law, Music Café, and McLennan POD Express.

Your Commitment

Customers with food allergies or intolerances and other dietary restrictions are responsible for communicating their needs when dining at our locations. Our staff will find the most accurate information and make an effort to accommodate such requests, and clearly communicate this information back to the customer. It is then up to the customer to decide whether to consume a particular item.

Locations including Starbucks, Tim Hortons, VEDA and Second Cup use practices set out by the franchise company, to manage food safety and allergen programs. Product inquiries must be submitted to the parent company.

Customers visiting the locations listed below should fill out the Allergen/Intolerance & Dietary Restrictions due to Medical Conditions Form which is sent to our Manager of Residential Dining.  We will introduce you to the staff at the location you dine at so they recognize you and can serve you appropriately.

  • Medical Sciences Building Cafeteria
  • Robarts Cafeteria
  • SIDS Cafe
  • The Green Beet
  • OISE Cafe
  • The Cube
  • Cafe AC
  • Goodman’s LLP Cafe (at Law)
  • Music Cafe
  • McLennan POD Express

Residence Dining at New College, Chestnut, and CampusOne

Over the years we have accommodated many students with specific dietary requirements who live in residence and dine with us multiple times a day. Students who indicate that they require dietary accommodations when applying to New College, Chestnut Residence or CampusOne will have their circumstances reviewed by the Residence Life staff and will be contacted by our Registered Dietitian, if necessary.

Students with food allergies, intolerances, or restrictions, who are already living at these residences are encouraged to complete the form, Dietary Restrictions Due to Medical Conditions. They will then be contacted by our Registered Dietitian and they will also be introduced to the culinary teams who will support their needs throughout the school year. Please note that students who follow diets such as vegan, vegetarian, or halal do not need to complete this form.

Students with anaphylactic allergies are asked to have their auto-injector on them at all times while dining in the residence cafeterias in case of emergency.

Menu information, including ingredients, allergens, and nutrition data can be found here, and on our new mobile order app. Information on how to download the app can be found here.

If you have dietary questions relating to any residence on campus other than New College, Chestnut Residence or CampusOne, please contact them directly.

For more information please contact our Registered Dietitian at dietitian@utoronto.ca or our Manager of Residential Dining at resdiningmgr@utoronto.ca

Do you have a food allergy or intolerance?

Fill out this form, Dietary Restrictions Due to Medical Conditions.