One of the hidden gems of Food Services at UTSG is the OISE Café, which is tucked away on the main floor of the OISE building on Bloor Street just west of Bedford Avenue. The café serves up fresh coffee and tea and a large variety of wholesome homemade snacks, sandwiches, salads and soups. It also has a great selection of convenient and healthy Grab ‘N’ Go snacks and meals for times that you may be on the run.

When you come by, you’ll likely run into Patricia or Sherry or other members of the Café OISE team. Patricia, who has been working on campus at the OISE building in food services for thirty years, says that it’s one of the friendliest places on campus. She loves serving her regular and drop-in customers and says that the OISE building is just full of good, nice people-students, faculty and staff alike. During the school year, she says that the scones (made from scratch with a new featured Scone of the Month every month) are one of the most popular treats, along with the delicious Caprese salad and both veggie and chicken sandwich wraps.

Sherry, who has also worked on campus for many years, says that the most popular item served up is definitely coffee, and that students love to come to the café for specialty coffees like freshly brewed lattes, and to hang out on the comfy couches between classes. She confirms it’s a friendly location within a friendly building and both urge you to stop by and try it soon!