Why no bottled water sold on campus?…

1. Clean, free drinking water is a basic human right. It should not be bought and sold as a commodity.

2. Bottled water production is not sustainable. They cannot be reused. The bottles end up in landfills because most of them are not recyclable plastic.

3. Water bottles are regulated federally and are monitored under the Food and Drugs Act. Tap water is regulated Provincially and Municipally.This means they test our tap water regularly and closely monitor its quality. Bottled water has less stringent restrictions because it is considered a food. Check out the government of Canada website of FAQs on water bottles.

So, what to do, what to do… bring your own bottles!

Find yourself a reusable water bottle and use it until its dry. Then just fill it back up again at any of the water fountains/stations on campus. Take a look at our Water Map for all the water sources on campus.

As part of the Bottle Free program, U of T has adopted a particular standard for bottle filling stations.  There are two spouts at different heights, including a gooseneck that fills the bottles.There is a hands-free spout on each bottle filling station. The sensor in the station will automatically fill the bottle if you place it below the spout.Bottle_free_Factoid1

U of T’s new buildings, renovations and repairs will include the installation of these water stations. If you contact your property manager or department head, you can ask them to put a water station in your building.

The water on campus is not filtered, but campus water is Toronto tap water. It is one of the safest drinking water sources in the world!

Visit http://www.toronto.ca/water/faq.htm for information on Toronto tap water. If you’re not satisfied with what you find, contact the City of Toronto for more information.