Food Services’ composting initiative has flourished this year, situating compost bins all over campus. Just like our other environmental initiatives, composting reduces the total lbs of waste delivered to landfill sites.

Composting has never been so easy at U of T. Since Food Services situated compost bins throughout campus, U of T’s diversion rate has increased. We’ve even labeled our bins, informing U of T students and staff what can be placed inside the bins and what should be left out. Take a look at our Food Map to find the compost bin nearest you!

What to put in: All food waste, including meat, bones, dairy, coffee grounds & filters, tea leaves and bags, egg shells, flowers and leaves as well as other garden waste.

Small quantities of egg cartons, paper placements, paper towels/serviettes and paper plates are acceptable to put into the compost bins.

What NOT to put in: all kinds of plastic , polystyrene/Styrofoam, aluminum foil, glass and metal.

If you’re interested in learning more about composting and want to know how to do it yourself check out this article on urban community composting!