Reusable Eco-Trays

Reusable Eco-Trays 2017-01-27T10:12:32+00:00
Eco Tray

Just like wasting paper cups, food waste leaves us with a sour taste in our mouths, so Food Services came up with Eco Trays! Eco Trays are reusable food containers available at many meal locations on campus every day of the week.

The tray is paired with a card that you trade in for your Eco Tray. You get the card back when you return the tray. The card only costs $5.00, once only.

Eco trays lets your leftovers see better days. Instead of tossing them out in your paper or plastic container, why not use an eco tray to save money on a second meal?

Eco trays are BPA-free, microwave and dishwasher-safe containers that you can use for your day to day meals.

For a one-time cost of $5.00, you’re entitled to an eco-tray card you can trade in for a tray when you purchase your meal. You don’t even have to bother washing your tray, just return it to one of our many eco tray stations located on our food map. Being green has never been so easy.

Step 1: Visit one of our Eco Tray locations marked on our Food Map.

Step 2: Get your Eco Tray card.

Step 3: Trade. Card-tray, tray-card.