Veggie Mondays is a campus-wide initiative to celebrate and raise awareness about plant-based foods. For a guide on our vegetarian standards, please visit our Vegetarian Food page.

What is Veggie Mondays?

It’s a campaign that encourages you to adopt a plant-based diet and reduce consumption of animal derived foods or products for one day a week. And not just on campus – we want you to eat a plant-based diet throughout the day. Don’t worry – its easy. We will  help you with recipes and tips, and show you how delicious veggies can be!

How does it work?Veggie_Monday_factoid

Every Monday, cafeterias and eateries on campus will promote plant-based meals. If you pledge to go veggie on Mondays, you get a discount card. You can use that discount card to get 10% off featured veggie and vegan meals on Mondays! So its good for your health, for animals, for the planet, and for your wallet!