Highline Mushrooms

506 Mersea Road 5, Leamington

Highline Mushrooms was founded in 1961 by Dr. Murray O’Neil and two partners, named for both his love for flying, and his desired trajectory of the company. Two years later, Dr. O’Neil found himself the sole proprietor of the eight-room mushrooms complex in Leamington, Ontario.

Now, Highline Mushrooms is the largest producer of mushrooms in Canada, mostly due to Dr. O’Neil’s innovative and progressive attitude.

Highline now owns four growing facilities that all use their highly developed, innovative growing and cropping techniques. Impressively, by 2001 Highline was able to completely cut out the use of pesticides and fungicides, and in 2006, they achieved organic certification at both their Leamington farms.

As mushrooms require very specific growing conditions, they use the latest technology to monitor and create precise conditions. They then use a one-touch harvesting technique to avoid unnecessary handling and prevent bruising.

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