Happy Creamsicle Day!

/Happy Creamsicle Day!

Happy Creamsicle Day!

So, it’s International Creamsicle Day!

But what exactly is a Creamsicle?

Well, it’s actually a registered brand name treat, but one that is generally thought of as a generic name for any ice cream treat that has vanilla ice cream on a stick, covered by a fruit-flavoured ice outer layer.

According to the Nibble blog, the invention of the creamsicle and indeed, the popsicle, was the lucky result of a culinary ‘accident’. They explain:

“In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson mixed together a fruit drink (believed to be orange-flavored) from powder and water and inadvertently left it on the porch. It was an unseasonably cold night in the San Francisco suburbs, and when Frank found his drink the next morning, it was frozen. He eased it out of the glass and, holding it by the stirrer, ate it. While Frank may have enjoyed his frozen fruit drink over the years, the public story doesn’t continue until 1923. A 29-year-old husband and father working in the real estate industry, Frank made what he called Epsicles for a fireman’s ball. They were a sensation, and Frank obtained a patent for “a handled, frozen confection or ice lollipop.’” His kids called the treat a Popsicle, after their Pop. So Frank created Popsicle Corporation and collaborated with the Loew Movie Company for the nationwide marketing and sales of the product in movie theaters. By 1928, Epperson had earned royalties on more than 60 million Popsicles.* But his happy days ended with the Great Depression. In 1929, flat broke, Frank had to liquidate his assets and sold the patent to, and his rights in, the Popsicle Corporation.”


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