No Time For Breakfast?

No Problem! Just Grab ‘N’ Go.

Your alarm goes off, you hit snooze. You hit snooze again, and then hit it again! You finally manage to get out of bed and realize you have just enough time to get to class, but not for breakfast. Don’t despair, and definitely don’t skip breakfast, just visit your closest Grab ‘N’ Go fridge on campus.

The Grab ‘N’ Go stations were specifically designed with ease and convenience in mind. Visit any one of the seven Grab ‘N’ Go fridges on campus to choose from a wide variety of healthy and nutritious snacks and meals while you are on the run. Breakfast options include yogurt parfaits, fresh fruit and muffins among other energy-boosting items. A healthy breakfast starts your day off right, so just Grab ‘N’ Go.

For more breakfast ideas like how to jazz up your morning toast, and great ways to fight the daily stresses of student life, check out the links below.


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