William Christie, the cookie mogul who created Mr. Christie’s Cookies, owned what is now Regis College on the northeast corner of Wellesley and Queen’s Park Circle. His son, Richard Christie, inherited the mansion around 1900, and constructed a secret, windowless chamber in the middle of the house.

Richard Christie reportedly kept his mistress within the chamber. He visited her often, but when his visits became less and less frequent, the mistress went mad from the solitude, and hung herself. Christie allegedly felt so guilty over the affair, he squandered his family’s fortune, and had to sell the mansion.

Before it became Regis College, the house was a women’s residence for St. Michael’s College, run by the Sisters of St. Joseph. It was well known among the women of the residence, that if a woman entered the room alone at night, she’d find the door to suddenly close behind her and refuse to open. The only way for her to get out was to pound on the door and call for help, until someone comes along to easily open the door from the other side…

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