When I’m studying or have some time to kill before classes, I like to check out different places on campus where I can have a bite to eat. Here’s a list of my top four favourite places to eat on campus when I’m on the go!

  1. The Cube: Nestled in the Bahen Centre from Information Technology, I like to stop by here for a cup of UofT’s own Blue Dragon Coffee and a muffin. The Cube also has a lot of Grab ‘N’ Go items which is great if you’re running late for class. I also enjoy the general atmosphere of the Cube. It’s cozy, yet modern at the same time, making it a comfortable environment to focus on work or just relax for a bit.
  2. The Green Beet: I love this place, because it’s literally right beneath Gerstein Library! Whenever I get hungry while I study (which is often), I can always count on The Green Beet to help me satisfy my cravings so I can get back to work quickly. The best part is, I don’t even have to leave the building, which is great given all the snow Toronto has been getting lately!
  3. Sidney Smith: This  is such a great spot, given that I have so many classes and tutorials at Sid Smith! There are so many lunch options here which can satisfy any food craving! Some of the standouts for me at Sid Smith include Ramen Ya! and Tortillas, since both places offer high quality food for a reasonable price.
  4. Medical Science Building (MSB): While I may not have any classes in the MSB building, it really is worth stopping by between some of my classes. The food court in MedSci offers some of the most diverse food options on campus. Are you in the mood for Japanese? Well, you can grab fresh sushi at So Sushi. How about Italian? Stone Oven Pizzeria is there and ready to serve you an authentic Italian pizza, topped with fresh ingredients! Whatever you’re in the mood for, the food court at MSB will have it.

I hope this list comes in handy when you’re in the mood for a bite but aren’t sure where you can go on campus!

Remember: The university has plenty of food options for students that go beyond this list- so make sure you check out our website for more options!

-By Aiman Akmal
Food Services
Student Blog & Social Media Coordinator