As a student studying International Relations, one of my big plans for the future is travelling around the world. As a student who loves food, I also have current plans to try authentic foods from around the world. Luckily, right here on campus there are a lot of diverse food options from pretty much  every corner of the world. We don’t even have to leave campus to try foods from around the world! Here are some of my favourite spots on campus.

  • The Middle East and Mediterranean: Za’atar, located in Robarts Library and the MedSci building, gives you a taste of Turkey, Greece and the Middle East all at once. You can grab a chicken shawarma or a Greek salad in between classes or study sessions.
  • Mexico: As the snow piles up here in Toronto, you can make a quick stop to warm and sunny Mexico… or at the very least, get some great Mexican cuisine. Tortillas, located in Robarts and Sid Smith, offers students a variety of Mexican-inspired dishes such as burrito bowls and taco salad. What’s more, every meal is served with fresh vegetables and condiments. This is a great spot to satisfy your craving for a taco.
  • Japan: Everyone likes sushi and it’s great to be able to grab some sushi on campus while on the go! Head over to So Sushi in the MedSci building for fresh sushi! You can even choose to have a sushi bowl instead of a standard roll! Do whatever makes you happy! #TreatYourself.
  • Italy: Are you a lover of Italian pasta? If so, Pasta Pappardelle, located in Robarts and the MedSci building should be your first stop after a busy day of lectures. You can also order your own personalized pasta. Choose your favourite noodle, toppings and sauce to make it exactly as you like it!

As winter arrives here in Toronto, take a moment between classes to enjoy cuisines from around the world!

It’s a great way to get a taste of the world at large without ever having to leave campus!

-By Aiman Akmal
Food Services
Student Blog & Social Media Coordinator