Declining Balance Meal Plan

The Meal Plan program for all students living in our New College and Chestnut Residences in the 2020-2021 Academic Year will be a declining balance meal plan.

Meal plans are mandatory for all students living in these residences as there are no cooking facilities in any residence rooms. Accepting your residence offer is an automatic acceptance of the Meal Plan and an acceptance of all its terms and conditions. All costs and fees associated with the meal plan are included in your residence fees.

Here’s how the declining balance meal plan works:  


Your “Residence Dollars” are loaded onto your TCard at the beginning of the school year. This is your meal plan account.

When you make a food purchase, your Residence Dollars will be deducted on the spot from your balance directly from your account in the same way that a debit card works.

An added benefit of the declining balance meal plan is that you will have the freedom to purchase food from a large number of locations all over campus, at Dining Halls and also at select retail locations. It makes eating on campus more flexible, gives you many options and means you always have a variety of meal choices.


When you accept your residence offer, you’ll get to choose the meal plan that works best for your appetite, either STANDARD or LITE. The only difference between the plans are the amount of Residence Dollars that are included.

Both the STANDARD and the LITE Meal Plans allow you to purchase food and beverage items from the Chestnut Dining Hall, New College Dining Hall and select U of T Food Services retail outlets across campus.


Balances can be topped up during the academic year by contacting the Residence Life Office; funds will take up to 24 hours to appear in your account.

If you require a more immediate balance top up on your account, please visit the Food Services  Administrative Office in person at 229 College Street, Suite 200. Funds can be added with immediate effect by using either a debit or credit card.

Balances will be automatically carried over for use in the summer and/or following academic term. Carryover is up to a maximum of 50% of the total Residence Dining Dollars or the remaining balance at end of academic year less a 10% administrative fee.


STANDARD Plan: $5495 Residence Dining Dollars
The maximum carryover allowed before 10% administration fee would be $2747.50.
$2472.75 will be applied as your residence carryover

If you have any questions about the declining balance Meal Plans, please contact:[MEAL PLAN CONTACTS HERE]

Food Services provides all Dining Hall and retail food services at the U of T downtown campus.

Campus food information and updates can be found on the Food Services websiteon Facebook,Instagram andTwitter. 


Food items prepared by Food Services (not pre-packaged from external sources) and purchased with your Meal Plan are tax exempt.

For example,  if you purchase food an item at the New College Dining Hall and/or Chestnut Dining Hall,  that purchase will be tax exempt*.

Similarly, if you purchase food and beverage items at selected retail outlets across campus that are operated by Food Services these will also be tax exempt*.

In summary:

*Food items prepared by Food Services are tax exempt. For example, a pre-packaged product such as a bag of chips would not be tax exempt, but a sandwich and beverage prepared on campus using raw ingredients would be tax exempt.