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Please Note: Refunds are only available for Meal Plans purchased through Food Services. If you live in residence and have a residence Meal Plan please contact your residence co-ordinator directly.

General Questions

If you have purchased a plan that comes with freebies, you will need to collect your perks from our office located at 229 College Street, 2nd Floor (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm), starting Tuesday, September 6th. Guest passes for New College Dining Plans are applied directly onto your TCard.
No. Meal Plans can only be used by the card holder. TCards cannot be loaned out to friends or used by anyone other than the card holder. However, guests may accompany you into a Dining Hall and you may use Guest Passes or Flexible Dollars on their behalf.
Please contact the Food Services Office by email or phone (416 978-1309) and we will take care of the rest.
Your account balance is printed on the receipt you receive when making a purchase or entering a Dining Hall. You may also contact the Food Services Office at any time and we will be happy to let you know your account balance. Alternatively visit the Manage My Account page online 24/7.

All plans come have a clearly stated expiry date included in their description, so please be aware of the expiry date for your plan at the time of purchase. When a plan expires the account is deleted, regardless of the remaining balance. The only exception is for Flexible Plans, which have no expiry date and therefore carry over from year to year.

Flexible Dollars included in a Dining Plan will expire at the same time your Dining Plan does.

Please contact the Food Services Meal Plan Office or request a refund by filling out this form.

If you notice a mistake with your transaction, contact the Food Services Office immediately. Please keep your receipt and provide as much detail as possible. We will work with the location to correct the mistake.
You have two options. One is that you can add Flexible Dollars to any Meal Plan, at any time. The minimum amount you can add is $25. The other option is to purchase a new Meal Plan when the original plan expires or reaches a balance of zero. Visit the Manage My Account page to add dollars to your account 24/7 or visit our offices in person at 229 College Street, 2nd Floor (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).
Purchases cannot be made through your Meal Plan without the TCard associated with the Meal Plan account. If you do not have your TCard, you will have to purchase your meal using acceptable methods of payment. Losing your TCard will not otherwise directly affect your Meal Plan account, but it does require a few steps on your behalf to get back on track.

First, you should contact us as soon as possible to have your Meal Plan account put on hold until you have a new card issued through the TCard Office. Once you have your new TCard, we can re-activate your meal plan and have it associated with the new card. Please note that Meal Plan expiry dates remain constant.

With the introduction of TCard Plus to campus, you can now use your Meal Plan Flexible Dollars to buy meals or purchase merchandise at the University Book Store and Varsity Sports Store. You can purchase Bookstore Dollars online or by visiting our offices at 229 College Street, 2nd Floor (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday).

There are 21 Food Services locations on campus where you will receive a 5% discount when you used your Flexible Dollars. The locations are:

  • Café AC
  • Bento Sushi
  • The Cube
  • The Green Beet
  • Goodmans LLP Café (Law)
  • McLennan Express
  • Multi-Faith Centre VEDA
  • Not Just Greens
  • OISE Café
  • Pasta Pappardelle
  • Sambal MSB
  • Sambal Sid Smith
  • Stone Oven Pizzeria MSB
  • Stone Oven Pizzeria Robarts
  • Sanford Fleming VEDA
  • Soup!
  • Tortillas Robarts
  • Tortillas Sid Smith
  • Urban Deli
  • Za’atar MSB
  • Za’atar Robarts

New Students

After you have a valid TCard and student number, you can purchase a Meal Plan online or at our office located at 229 College Street, 2nd Floor (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm). Online purchases must be made using a credit card. Office payments can be made by debit, credit, or cash.

If you live in the residence halls of any of these colleges, you will be required to purchase a meal plan directly from them. Food Services DO NOT administer these Meal Plans so you will need to contact the individual residence offices directly about anything relating to those Meal Plans. However, should you wish to purchase a Dining or Flexible Plan from Food Services, you are more than welcome to.

You may find a small Flexible Dollar plan suitable to have coffee, snacks and lunch during class times when you are away from your college’s Dining Hall.

In addition to the 5% and 10% discounts, you will receive free Dining Hall Meal Passes. Dining Plans include additional Flexible Dollars, as well as Dining Hall Guest Passes.

You can add increments of $25 of Flexible Dollars onto your TCard at any time. Purchasing separate Flexible Dollars will not come with Meal Plan perks.

Returning Students

Of course! We have Meal Plans suitable for all students, residents or commuters. Visit our Choosing a Meal Plan page for help in picking the right Meal Plan for you.

TCard+ is a program to use your existing TCard to pay for food AND items at the campus Bookstore and Varsity Sports Store, it is not a separate or different card from the one you have.

Students may find many different benefits to Meal Plans even as upper year students, depending on their situations. As your academic career becomes busier, having easy access to healthy, affordable food will prove convenient to any busy student in their upper years of post-secondary education.

Meal Plans are also effective budgeting tools. By investing your money in a Meal Plan, you can set a limit and budget for yourself. You will not need to worry about having enough cash, maxing out your credit card, or going over your monthly transaction limits.