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Free/Discounted Food/Drink
Food Services provides a 5% discount at retail locations and a 10% discount at New College and Chestnut Dining Hall, when purchasing Flexible Dollars. Dining Plans include the 5% discount as well as additional Flexible Dollars, and Dining Hall Guest Passes. When purchasing any Meal Plan, you will receive a campus Coupon Book and free Dining Hall Meal Passes. There are two types of free meal passes: Meal Passes and Guest Passes. Each Free Meal Pass/Free Guest Pass is for a single use at any one of the Dining Halls on campus: New College, Howard Ferguson and Chestnut Dining Halls. With extra guest passes, students can invite their friends for a discounted meal at any one of our Dining Halls. The campus coupon book is full of free and discounted food and drinks for many locations across campus. On top of that, 75% of our Dining Plans are tax-exempt. Food Services locations deduct taxes at the point of purchase for meal plans labeled “Tax Exempt”.

If you notice that your student will not use all of the money in their Meal Plan and the expiry date is approaching you have two options: request a refund depending on the student’s situation.

It would be advisable to request a refund if the student will not be continuing their studies at U of T in the near future or if they don’t spend as much time on campus as previously expected. All refunds have a $50.00 administrative fee, which is why it’s important to consider all potential factors that may play into your students university studies.

If you’re not sure which plan will be most suitable for your student Food Services will diligently work with you to select the best option. If your student still happens to have money left on their Meal Plan, that’s not a problem. You or they can request a refund anytime before the expiry date of their Meal Plan. The expiry dates are as follows:

  • Monthly Plan – Expires 30 days from the date of activation. Monthly plans can be purchased any day of the month but if a monthly plan is purchased close to the end date of a semester, fewer locations on campus will be open. Given that locations are less accessible outside of semester periods, you would be purchasing a monthly plan at your own discretion (purchase now).
  • Semester Plans – Expires at the end of the academic semester in which it was purchased. Specifically, these plans expire the last day of final exams. For the 2016/17 academic year, Fall term semester plans would expire December 20, 2015 and the Winter term semester plans would expire April 28, 2017 (purchase now).
  • Regular Yearly Plan – Expires at the end of the academic year on April 28, 2017. (purchase now).
  • All Flexible Plans – Expire when a student’s TCard is no longer valid. A students TCard is valid for one year after graduation. (purchase now).

If the student is living in Victoria College, St. Michael’s College, Trinity College, University College, Knox College, Chestnut Residence or New College then they must purchase their college’s mandatory Meal Plan, which is administered by the residence itself.

Some students find that the Meal Plans at these colleges are too limited, since they require that the student eats at the same location each time. To supplement these plans and add some flexibility to their choice, consider buying one of our Flexible Plans.

If the student is living in Woodsworth College, Innis College or the Graduate House, they will have a Suite-Style Residence which includes a small kitchen space.

For students who plan on cooking in these kitchens, we offer the Unlimited Access Monthly Meal Plan so that they don’t have to cook for themselves all the time. If this plan doesn’t seem appropriate, the Flexible Plans are also worth considering. For students who don’t cook much (or at all) the Unlimited Semester Plans, Unlimited Yearly Plans or Flexible plans are all good options depending on the student’s particular needs.

Either of the Dining Hall or flexible Meal Plans may be right for students who don’t live in a campus residence. Which one in particular depends on how much the student wants to eat on campus and what kinds of food they want to eat.

Food Standards
Food Services has implemented our Food Standards to accommodate specific dietary needs. We recognize the diversity in students’ personal health profiles and we are continually taking measures to improve our standards to be responsive to that diversity. Food labelling of the standards we implement at our locations is respective to the guidelines outlined in our Food Standards page. Click here to learn more about our Food Standards.

All Food Services staff has been trained in safe food handling and they understand the importance of food safety in preventing cross-contamination. They also understand the potential severity of complications, when someone with a food allergy consumes a food allergen.

Menu Cycles
We also have extensive weekly menu cycles at our residence dining halls to ensure that there are more than enough options for students with dietary restrictions/nutritional needs. We also have more than 30 locations to choose from on campus with assorted menu options.

List of Ingredients
A list of ingredients is available upon request. If your student has a food sensitivity, we encourage them to review the menu for any potential allergens.

Responsible Inquiry: Students
Although Food Services takes measures to accommodate dietary needs, it is the responsibility of the student with the food allergy to inquire about ingredients and preparation to successfully avoid their food allergens.

No. Meal plans can only be used by the card holder. TCards cannot be loaned out to friends or used by anyone other than the card holder. However, guests may accompany students into a dining hall and they may use guest passes or Flexible Dollars on their behalf.
TCard+ is the brand new way to get the most value out of available Meal Plans.
Flexible dollars can be added to a Meal Plan that can be used to purchase merchandise at the UofT Bookstore or Varsity Sports Store and meals at over 30 food locations across campus. The money is linked to a students account so the money is secure. It cannot be transferred to anyone else and you can track where the dollars are spent through Manage My Account. For more information visit the TCard+ information page.
All account balances are printed on the receipt you receive when making a purchase or entering a dining hall. You may also contact the Food Services Office at any time and we will be happy to let you know your account balance. Alternatively you can log into the online Manage My Account system 24/7.
You can now use one card to purchase meals and merchandise.

Bookstore Dollars are flexible dollars starting at $250 that you can add to your TCard+ account to purchase books and other merchandise* at the U of T Book Store or Varsity Sports Store and use at participating food locations on the St. George campus. To find out more visit our Bookstore Dollars information page.

Unfortunately we are unable to process Meal Plan purchases over the phone.
We recommend either coming into our offices at 229 College Street, 2nd Floor, or purchasing a plan securely through our Purchase a Meal Plan Page.

Unfortunately all students who wish to purchase a Meal Plan must have a valid Student TCard or valid student number. We are unable to sell a Meal Plan to any student or staff member who does not have this form of identification.

Still need help deciding on a Meal Plan or have other questions about food on campus?

Phone: 416 978 1309 or 416 978 1735
Visit our office: 229 College Street, 2nd Floor (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)