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A secure and flexible way to pay for meals and bookstore purchases.tcard-logo_Scarborough

TCard+ is a brand new way to pay using your existing student ID card (TCard). So long as you have a University TCard, you have access to the TCard+ program. Flexible dollars can be loaded onto your card and you can spend those dollars at any of our 30 plus food locations on campus as well as purchase merchandise at the University Bookstore.

The advantages of the new TCard+:

  • Secure – the funds are linked to your account so if you lose your card, your dollars are safe.
  • No need for cash – purchase meals, snacks, drinks, food and books without having to worry about carrying cash.
  • Flexible – purchase what you need when you need it.
  • Easy to manage – add dollars 24/7 via the Food Services website.
  • Never expire – flex dollars don’t expire as long as you are an active student, staff or faculty member.

Some important things to remember:

  • Funds can be loaded onto your TCard either online through our Meal Plan purchase page or in person at our office, 229 College Street, 2nd Floor.
  • TCard+ program is only for use on the St. George campus and cannot be used for off campus vendors or locations.
  • Unfortunately cash withdrawals and cash advances or cash back from your TCard account(s) is not permitted.
  • If you lose your TCard you must report it stolen or lost as quickly as possible. You can put a hold on your flexible dollars by contacting the Meal Plan office on 416 978 1309 or online 24/7 through the Manage My Account page.

Funds loaded to the TCard+ program via Food Services cannot be used to pay for photocopying or printing services within the St. George campus machines in the libraries. Please visit: Libraries Cash to Card, for a list of locations on where to load funds for these services.