The Food365 Newsletter team recently caught up with Chef Colin from the MSB food court.

We asked him a few questions that have been on our mind for a while! Here’s what we found out!

Q: Chef Colin, other than being a Chef here at U of T, what’s your dream job?

My dream would be to own a restaurant on the beach-definitely a seafood restaurant. I’d love to open on in Negril, and to serve fresh fish with a European influence. My favourite food is fresh seafood and there is an abundance there!

Q: What are some of your challenges as a Chef?

One of the biggest challenges I have is getting people to see food as I see it, meaning not just as a job but looking at it as something that evolves on a regular basis, and something that gets more exciting the more you put into it. Food needs you always to push yourself a little more, and then seeing is believing!

Q: What is your all time favourite dining experience?

My best dining experiences have been in Italy. From seafood to pizzerias, the main thing is the flavours of the food there, the incredible freshness and simplicity of the raw ingredients.

Q: What’s your philosophy of life?

Maintaining standards. You need to have strong principles and always maintain standards. You have to always do the right thing and do your best to make people happy with food and otherwise.

Q: What expression are you known for?

Definitely “ya, man”, it works for everything.

Q: If you were stuck on a desert island, what food would you be craving?

I’d say oxtail, nicely braised and cooked slowly in a good pressure cooker.