Jonathan Phillips is the Executive Sous Chef at the CampusOne residence here at UTSG and he has a very simple and uncomplicated philosophy of food. He says “food that either creates a memory or evokes a memory is great food”.

Early in his career, he worked at a number of high-end resorts around the world, and that exposed him to many different kinds of cultures and cuisines. He was trained in the French style of cooking, which emphasizes stocks and sauces as a fundamental building block of a French chef’s training.

Chef Jonathan got his first professional cooking job was while he was studying hotel management in India. He attended a culinary competition, won, and never looked back! He then started working at a luxury resort in India, but began moving around the world, working in Cambodia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and then Australia.

He came to Canada in 2013 and worked in restaurants and with a catering company, and then got a job as a Residence Chef at UTM.  He did some additional training here in Canada and then joined Food Services here at UTSG.

For Chef Jonathan’s popular Lemon Tart recipe, see here.