A question has been running through my mind about New College for some time: does it really have the best food on campus?

During my time at the University of Toronto, an ancient legend has been repeated to me about where one can find the best food on campus. I’ve heard that, out of all the residence halls at U of T, New College is home to some of the best food on campus. I recently had the opportunity to explore the New College dining hall myself to see what all the rage was about. I was not disappointed.

The New College dining hall provides students with various options dining options during all meal times. Along with the option to make your own customized bowl of noodles, the dining hall also provides options to make your own burrito, along with special meals for those who have dietary restrictions. No matter your preferences or dietary restrictions, there is always something that will satisfy you in between classes and study sessions.

New College also offers a global cuisine, ensuring that not only do students get a taste of the world, but that international students can also get a taste of home every once in awhile. During my visit to New College, I noticed that meal options from South Asia were available, as they were serving butter chicken and curry that day. Since New College offers different meals each mealtime to appeal to different cravings and tastes, students have plenty of freedom to eat whatever they want. If butter chicken is something that doesn’t appeal to you, you always can grab a noodle bowl or go for the classic slice of pizza. You have the freedom to follow your heart, or rather, or stomach. Better yet, there seems to a conscious effort to consider dietary accommodations, as the dining hall offers meals for those with religious accommodations and those who are vegan or vegetarian. No matter what you like to eat, there is an option for you.

Like most students, I need caffeine to function, so I was excited to see that the New College dining hall had a hot drinks machine, which can literally make you a latte or a cappuccino on the spot. One minute, you’re tired and stressed, the next minute you have a hot cup of coffee in your hands. This is great for students because not only do you save a little money from going to Starbucks for your morning coffee, but you also get that extra boost to get through midterms and finals season. Plus, the hot drinks offered at New College do taste amazing and I would even argue that it is better than making the trek to Starbucks. On top of that, there’s no huge wait time to grab a cup of coffee as the machine makes you your drink automatically. It’s a huge money and timesaver.

The general atmosphere in the New College Dining Hall also stood out to me, as there is plenty of space for students to spread out and enjoy their meals, whether they prefer to be alone or with friends. So, if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend coming down to New College, grab a bite and a cup of coffee, and treat yourself to some great food with great friends. After all, the rumors are not entirely off- New College is home to some of the best food on campus.

-By Aiman Akmal
Food Services
Student Blog & Social Media Coordinator