Check out some of these great ideas from Chef Anthony and U of T Registered Dietitian Tarini Bidaisee to spice up your dining hall meals, snacks and treats!


Garden wrap – This is great for a “Meatless Monday” meal! Make a delicious mash-up of all your favourite veggies from the salad bar wrapped in a whole grain tortilla, then either grill it, or keep it cold, whatever you prefer! Try adding sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, a sprinkle of feta cheese, and add a bit of lemon juice (lemon wedges add brightness to everything) and wrap in a whole grain tortilla. This combination of grains and vegetables will be sure to provide you with a healthy dose of energy, fibre and vitamins to help you conquer your next class!

Fiesta burrito or breakfast burrito – When there is a meat entrée available, such as beef or chicken stew, try adding some of it to rice and beans from the salad bar, with some salsa and shredded cheese all in a whole grain wrap. Grill it and enjoy a juicy burrito. This works at breakfast too! A whole grain wrap with scrambled eggs, sausage or bacon, plus beans for added protein and fibre, helps to keep you satiated and makes for a hearty start to the day.

Build your own taco salad bowls – The salad bar can really be the key to dress up any sort of protein, and a fun way to get some veggies in! Use salad greens, beans, rice or quinoa to fill a bowl and add a scoop of the daily protein. Arrange some jalapenos, salsa, tomatoes, sour cream, and a sprinkle of cheese around the outside of the bowl for an Instagram-worthy taco salad!

Grilled Cuban sandwich – Just like in Havana or Miami, take whole grain mustard, pickles, ham, turkey and a slice of Swiss cheese, and put them all in-between your choice of bread or a burger bun and then grill it until it’s golden brown delicious: crispy on the outside, melty and gooey on the inside. Pair it with a bowl of fresh mixed vegetables, like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. For some extra fibre to help keep your hunger levels in check, choose a whole grain bread!

Grilled quesadilla – The combinations are endless! Pick a cheese and any of your favourites, whether meat or meatless then stuff them in a grilled tortilla wrap for a gooey, yummy meal. Be sure to load up on bright, colourful vegetables like red peppers for a great source of vitamin C!

Trinidadian-style curried potato, or lentils, or chickpea roti – If lentils are on the menu or curried potatoes/chickpea salad is in the salad bar, stuff your favourite tortilla wrap (spinach wraps are a favourite) and grill it for a mock Trini-style roti. This dish is a tasty way to include some fibre-rich legumes in your diet!

Bermuda fried fish sandwich – Take some of the chef’s freshly fried fish fillet, toast 2 slices of cinnamon raisin bread (the hint of sweetness makes this sandwich!), and pile on some vegetables like sliced tomatoes, onion and lettuce. Add some tartar sauce and Tabasco sauce for an incredible fried fish sandwich, just like you would find on the islands.

Dress-up your soup! – During long, grey winter days, nothing is more comforting than a hot bowl of fresh soup. You can dress it up with 1-2 teaspoons of some melty shredded cheddar cheese, a sprinkle of bacon bits, some pickled jalapenos or spicy banana peppers, and garlic croutons for some crunch.

Endless combinations of poutine – You can make yourself a customizable version of this treat food by combining the daily protein from the chef’s table with one of our varieties of fries and local cheese curds. We suggest you try the steak and mushroom stew, or butter chicken for a twist!


Peanut butter jelly and banana roll – Sometimes the simplest ingredients can hit the spot. Take a whole wheat wrap, spread it with peanut butter and your favourite jam, add a peeled banana and some raisins, chocolate chips or your favourite cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a winner here) for some crunch and – boom! Heaven in every bite! Not only tasty, but this snack is also nutritious – the peanut butter provides you with protein and healthy fats to keep you feeling full, while the whole grains and fruit provide you with the energy you need to focus and survive your next class!

Salad bar trail mix – A crunchy and sweet customizable snack. Mix up dried cranberries, dried dates, apricots, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and chocolate chips. This snack is a fun combination of carbohydrate and protein to give you energy and keep you satisfied until your next meal.


Warm cookie ice cream sandwich – Dessert can definitely be a part of a healthy diet in moderation, and we have some of the best right here on campus! New College is known for their fresh, warm cookies. Take your favourite ice cream flavor, sandwich it between 2 cookies, and enjoy.

Pineapple peach iced tea – An all-time favourite at New College. Make a 50/50 peach juice and iced tea blend with some pineapple chunks from the salad bar for a delicious and refreshing drink!