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September 2019

Special Monthly Offers!

2019-09-03T09:54:34-05:00September 3rd, 2019|

Every month, our campus chefs create a unique sandwich, scone, muffin and drink of the month.  These special offers are only available for one designated month. Each month, they try to blend local flavours and seasonal elements into the specials as much as possible. Try our September special offers today because if you miss [...]

A Fabulous Recipe for You!

2019-09-03T09:43:16-05:00September 3rd, 2019|

Every month, we will bring you a delicious and interesting recipe from one of our fantastic campus chefs. We have asked them to give us a recipe that has a personal story or sentimental value, and boy did they deliver! First off, Chef Jaco himself has shared his famous meatball recipe. It’s delicious and [...]

Dining Hall News!

2019-09-03T09:26:07-05:00September 3rd, 2019|

Yes, friends, the UTSG Dining Halls are open now, up and running and once again serving your favourite foods. We are so excited to kick off another amazing academic year and are looking forward to preparing and serving healthy, delicious and nutritious meals to you all year. Just a reminder that we have Dining [...]

August 2019

Check out our new Event Calendar!

2019-09-26T10:26:22-05:00August 30th, 2019|

Hey, #UTSG! Food Services has a brand new Event Calendar!!! Special food events will be updated here on a regular basis, so make sure to check out the line up from time to time. And don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and like our page on Facebook for more campus food news [...]

June 2019

Celebrate Ontario Asparagus!

2019-06-12T14:23:35-05:00June 12th, 2019|

Fresh Ontario asparagus is now in season! To honour this delicious and sensational vegetable, we are featuring it prominently in our delicious June Sandwich of the Month: Prosciutto and Grilled Asparagus on a Croissant (one of the pictures above)! It's just delicious! Asparagus is known as a “cousin” to the humble onion, and there [...]