Species: Ocimum basilicum.
 Lamiaceae (Mint) family.
Flavour: Sweet, herbal flavour.
Origin: India and Persia.
Sources: Grown in the United States and Egypt.
Common Types: Sweet, Thai, Lemon, Purple.
Uses: Decorative and culinary. Can be used to add flavour to soups, meat, butters, vinegar, pesto etc.

Annual: Complete full life cycle (germination and seed production) in one year.
Height: Grows 12-18 inches.
Seed Germination: Period of 5-10 days.
Sowing: 1/4 inch deep, spaced 10-12 inches for taller plants, 16-24 inches for low, bushy plants.
Harvesting: true harvest is in the summer (peak is July to October) but can be grown year round. Takes from 4-6 weeks to reach harvest.

Tips: Tomatoes make great neighbours for basil plants. Pinching the small leaves from the center stalk will encourage growth.

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