Species: Origanum vulgare.
 Lamiaceae (Mint) family.
Flavour: Pungent odour and flavour, slightly bitter taste.
Origin: Greece and Italy.
Sources: Grown in Turkey.
Common Types:  Greek, Mexican, Italian.
Uses: Oregano is the spice that gives pizza its distinctive flavour. It pairs well with tomato, egg, and cheese based foods as well.

Perennial: Completes full life cycle (germination to seed production) in 2+ years.
Height: Grows to 12-18 inches.
Seed Germination: Period of 8-14 days.
Sowing: Space at least 8-10 inches apart. If planted in a container, be sure the pot is about 12 inches in diameter.
Harvesting: Takes about 12 weeks to grow.
Preferred Conditions: Be sure to keep the plant in full sunlight, and plant in well-drained soil.

Tips: Oregano doesn’t need as much water as other plants, only water when the soil feels dry to the touch.

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