Species: Petroselinum crispum.
: Apiaceae (parsley) family.
Flavour: Light, fresh scent and flavour.
Origin: Mediterranean Area.
Sources: Grown in Israel, Europe, India and the United States.
Common Types: Italian, curly leaved, Hamburg root.
Uses: Decorative and culinary. Can be used to add flavour to soups, meat, butters, vinegar, condiments, garnish, etc.

Annual: Completes full life cycle (germination to seed production) in one year and then dies.
Height: Grows 2-3 feet.
Seed Germination Period: Period of 2-5 weeks.
Sowing: 1/8 in deep, spaced 6-8 inches.
Harvesting: Harvesting is appropriate when your parsley has become bushy. You can harvest by cutting the sprigs to the base with a sharp knife.
Preferred conditions: Sunny location but can survive in partial shade. Flourishes in loamy, nutrient rich, well-watered and well-drained soil.

Tips: Plant parsley near asparagus, corn and tomatoes in your garden.
Water plants evenly.
Germination period is notoriously long.
Pinching encourages new growth and will make the plant bushier if you prune evenly.

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