How to Dispose of Cooking Oil and Fat

Do you tend to cook greasy, oily foods? Well then, don’t pour that excess bacon grease down the drain! You could potentially cause a blockage in your plumping which will just end up troublesome down the road, for you or someone else. Read our tips below on how to properly dispose of your cooking oil and fat.

Use Your Green Bin

Did you know, small amounts of cooking fat can be put in your green bin? As long as there is another organic matter, such as paper towels, to absorb the grease, you can compost it!

Allow the grease to harden in the pan, then simply scrape into your green bin. Wipe any excess off the pan with a paper towel, and place in the green bin as well.

Call Toxic Taxi

The City of Toronto has Hazardous Household Waste drop-off centres, but for many students, that is a mission and a half. If you have more grease than can be composted, and you tend to cook very often, freeze the grease in a resealable container, such as an old coffee tin, and collect. There is a service, Toxic Taxi, which will pick up 10 litres or more of toxic household waste. Collect it up, and simply call! If you live in an apartment or residence, consider pooling together with friends and everyone disposing their grease at once.

If Anything Else – Throw it Out, Never Drain!

If you can’t do either of these things, then freeze in a non-recyclable container and throw it out in the garbage once you’ve collected enough. Not preferable, but an option. Never dispose of your grease down the drain!

Why should you bother properly disposing your grease? As stated above, it can cause clogs in your pipes, but it can also damage the city’s water pipes and sewers, cause blockages, and sewage overloads and floods, which is nice for no one.

Image from WikiHow