How to Easily Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg

There are a couple different methods to make peeling the shell off a hard-boiled egg much easier! Instead of agonizing over all those little bits and pieces of shell, try out one of these next time:

Crack, Roll & Submerge

Crack the egg gently on the counter, then roll it back and forth so the shell is well fractured. Now submerge the egg in a bowl or cold water. The cold water makes the shell much easier to remove!

Shake It Up

Place the eggs in a pot or bowl with cold water. Cover the bowl with a snug lid, hold it in place, and shake it up! The shells will be broken up and floating around, so just rinse off your eggs and you’re good to go.

Blow It Out

Let the eggs cool, then crack the shell at each end. Remove the ends, and either blow or push the egg out of the shell. Be ready to catch the egg with your other hand!