How to Separate Egg Whites and Yolks

Separating an egg sounds more complicated than it actually is! You can always buy a carton of egg whites at the grocery store, but separating an egg is a lot easier than you think, and will save you that few extra dollars.

The Traditional Way: Use the Shell

The “proper” way to separate an egg is to use the shell. Carefully crack the egg in the middle, and ease it open with one end pointing down. The yolk should be sitting in the bottom half of the shell. Carefully pass the yolk between the shell halves, letting the egg whites fall into a bowl below. Deposit the yolk in a separate bowl, and discard the shells. If you’re separating more than one egg, pour the egg whites into yet another bowl, so if you get any shell or yolk in one of your egg whites, you’re not ruining all of your hard work.

The Bottle Hack

A super easy trick to separate your eggs uses a clean, clear plastic bottle. Crack your egg into a bowl, without breaking the yolk. Use the bottle to gently suck the yolk up by gently squeezing the sides. The yolk should slide up and sit in the bottle. Deposit the yolk in another bowl and continue your super-fast egg separating.

A Funnel Works Too!

If you don’t have a bottle lying around, you can try using a funnel instead. Place a bowl under the funnel, and crack your egg right into the funnel. Let the egg whites sieve through the funnel spout then deposit your yolk in another bowl.

You Can Buy Tools

There are special tools and utensils for separating eggs, if that’s your jam, but you don’t need to now that you have the above methods at your fingertips!