Exam time is when I appreciate coffee the most. Not only does it help keep me focused on my exam studying, but it’s also nice to drink something warm as it starts to get chilly outside. Here at U of T, you don’t have to go very far to get a great cup of coffee in the middle of exam season. Blue Dragon Coffee, U of T’s own special blend, is conveniently located all over campus, and even right by your favourite study spaces. What’s more, the drink of the month for December is a Blue Dragon based Gingerbread Latte, which should put you in the holiday spirit during exams.

I visited some of the locations where Blue Dragon Coffee is served on campus to see why students enjoy Blue Dragon Coffee, and where they like to study during exams. Maple L, who is in her second year, names the Student Success Centre in the Koffler Building as her favourite place to study on campus. “It’s quiet and I have a lot of independent space to work, says Maple. She likes to come to the Cube in the Bahen Centre for a cup of coffee, it’s convenient and keeps her awake in the morning to study for her exams.

Another student, who wishes to remain anonymous, says her favourite study spot on campus during exams is the Gerstein Library. Not only is the view looking onto Queens Park perfect for study sessions, but The Green Beet, located right under Gerstein library, is a convenient spot to grab a cup of coffee and lunch. It’s just a short walk down the stairs to The Green Beet for her mid-morning boost.

Try a new U of T coffee spot today, your perfect Blue Dragon coffee or Pluck Tea awaits!

-By Aiman Akmal
Food Services
Student Blog & Social Media Coordinator