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Weekly Menus: Monday, May 14 2018 – Sunday, May 20 2018

At CampusOne, all food items are individually priced – just like a restaurant! You only pay for what you select. CampusOne Meal Plans also allow you to utilize the Grab “N” Go program to purchase either a sandwich for lunch or one of our home-made soup or stews that you can heat up later while studying late into the night.

Weekly Menu

Breakfast (PDF)
Lunch (PDF)
Dinner  (PDF)

Gourmet Burger House Express
Handmade, 100% local ground beef burgers, freshly grilled to order! Enjoy a local market creation like the Holland Marsh Double Onion, The Mushroom Melt or The Brie. Experience a classic double patty with bacon and cheese then dress it up however you want. Along with amazingly fresh burgers diners can enjoy fresh-cut local fries or one of many poutine creations like The Classic or The Pulled Pork.


Pasta Pappardelle Express
Choose your own pasta and toppings with proteins including chicken, sausage and shrimp. Complete your dish with a selection of market fresh vegetables and sauces. A selection of sauces allows you to create your own pasta expression. Or, try one of the pastas of the day like Pork Belly Carbonara, Mushroom Ravioli or Pasta e’ Faggioli.


So Sushi
Choose from a selection of fresh ingredients and build a sushi bowl or sushi roll. Your choice of protein, vegetables, sauces and then add a crunch! Not sure what to have? then select from the chef created bowls with sesame salmon, shrimp tempura, spicy poke tuna, yam tempura.

Not Just Greens
Start your day with fresh cut fruits, yoghurts, and a build-your-own Muesli bar. For lunch and dinner enjoy a
selection of composed salads like Harvest Kale, Spicy Thai Noodle, Golden Jewel, Spinach Waldorf and Roasted Beet and Orange. Or, create your own salad from a selection of fresh greens and assorted toppings including nuts, beans, seeds, fresh vegetables and cheeses.

Sambal Express
Asian inspired creations like Polynesian Fire Chicken, Dan Dan Noodles or Chicken Biryani are featured daily dishes at Sambal Express. If creating your own Sambal dish is more to your liking, enjoy a rotating variety of build-your-own fried rice or noodles with Asian themed toppings like spicy shrimp, bok choy, water chestnuts and bean sprouts.

Stone Oven Pizzeria
Hand-crafted pizzas like the classic Pepperoni and Mushroom or Farmer’s Market Vegetable as well as speciality pizzas and flat breads like the Pear and Gorgonzola or the Butter Chicken Flat Bread. Savour one of our daily speciality baked items like Calzones, Stone Oven Baked Lasagna or Meatball Sub.


Grab ‘N’ Go
A selection of gourmet sandwiches, baked goods, snacks and more!


Specialty Drinks

Peach Ginger Tea Lemonade
Cinnamon Chai Milk Tea
Sweet Hibiscus Lemonade
Vanilla Peanutino with Toasted Marshmallow Whip Cream
Cinnamon Chai Latte

Homemade Smoothies

Very Berry Banana 
Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Yogurt, Agave & Honey

Orange Creamsicle 
Carrot, Orange Juice, Apple, Peach, Pineapple, Butternut Squash, White Cranberry Juice & Banana

Green Goddess
Spinach, Granny Smith Apple, Banana, Fennel, Ginger, Melon, Grapes, Agave, Flax Seed

Mediterranean Breeze 
Pineapple, Mango, Banana, Dates, Apricots, Almond & Coconut Milk, Agave Syrup

Traditional Breakfasts

UofT Big Breakfast 
Two Eggs, any style, your choice of Maple Smoked Bacon or Jimmy Dean Sausage, Home Fries, Toast, House Baked Beans and Grilled Tomato

Stack of Pancakes & Sausage 
A Stack of 4 Fluffy Pancakes, Jimmy Dean Sausage, Maple Butter

French Toast & Maple Bacon 
Cinnamon French Toast, Mixed berries, Cream Cheese and Maple Smoked Bacon

Eggs Benny 
Soft Poached Egg, Grilled Canadian Bacon on a buttered English Muffin, topped with Hollandaise Sauce and Smoked paprika, served with a side of Home Fries

Breakfast Poutine 
Smoked Meat Hash, Local Ontario Cheese Curds, Hollandaise Sauce, Fried Egg                               

Breakfast Sandwiches

Canadian Peameal Bacon Breakfast Sandwich 
Fried Egg, Canadian Bacon, Aged White Cheddar, Brioche Bun

Maple Bacon & Egg Croissant 
Fried Egg, Thick Cut Maple Smoked Bacon, Jalapeno Havarti, Grainy Dijon Mayo on a Multigrain Croissant

*Combos include Home Fries and a 12 oz. Coffee*

Goodmans LLP Café features a menu of gourmet sandwiches, salads, handmade quiches and crepes, and homemade baked goods.
There are also plenty of fresh Grab ‘N’ Go options to pick up while heading out of moot court or over to the Bora Laskin Law Library.

Maple Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Burger
Perfectly grilled beef patty with smoked cheddar, maple bacon, chipotle aioli, onion ring.

Ontario Blue Honey Burger
Perfectly grilled beef patty topped with Local Ontario smoked honey, back forty farm blue cheese, grilled pear salsa.

It’s a Veggie Crush
A portobello mushroom, panko crusted and deep fried, topped with spring onion goat cheese, and finished with red pepper jelly.

Mac & Cheese Burger
A perfectly grilled beef patty topped with deep fried mac & cheese, summer corn and zucchini relish, jalepeno ketchup.

The Local
A perfectly grilled beef patty topped with melted Black River Farm pepper jack cheese and a local summer zucchini and corn relish.

Holland Marsh Double Onion
A beef patty grilled to perfection with aged white cheddar cheese and topped with sweet, red onion relish and crispy onion

Mushroom Melt
Grilled beef patty with sautéed mushrooms, aged white cheddar and a delicious maple dijon mayonnaise.


Lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, onion, jalapeno peppers, pickles, mayo, relish, mustard, steak sauce, ketchup

Lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, onion, jalapeno peppers, pickles, mayo, relish, mustard, steak sauce, ketchup

Hotdog and Fries
Grilled Onions, Onion, jalapeno peppers, pickles, mayo, relish, mustard, steak sauce, ketchup

** Add a Premium Toppings to hamburger, cheeseburger or hotdog and fries including: Maple bacon, cheese, peamale bacon


Hand cut fries topped with cheese curds and delicious gravy.

Hand Cut Fries
Local potatoes lovingly cut into fries and cooked until golden brown.

Thick Cut Onion Rings
Thick cut whole Spanish onions rings, coated in crunchy batter and fried until golden brown.

Tex Mex Barbacoa Beef Poutine      
Hand cut fries, topped with 24 hours slow roasted shredded beef, local cheese curds, pico de gallo and delicious gravy.

Butter Chicken Poutine
Hand Cut fries, tandoori chicken, local cheese curds, butter chicken sauce.

Greek poutine   
Hand cut fries, onions, tomato, olives, feta & tatziki.

Serving pastries, scones, sandwiches, light
refreshments and our own Blue Dragon coffee.

Free-range grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, walnuts, beets and goat cheese with romaine lettuce and spinach.
Suggested Dressings: Creamy Bacon Chive

Broccoli, edamame, carrots, sunflower seeds, walnuts, craisins with spinach and romaine lettuce.
Suggested Dressings: Tuscan Italian and Sundried Tomato

Edamame, broccoli, carrot, cucumber, jalapeno, Chinese noodles and slivered almonds with spinach and mesculun mix.
Suggested Dressings: Sesame Hoisin Vinaigrette

Feta cheese, red onion, peppers, chickpeas, Kalamata Olives, cucumber and pita chips with romaine lettuce.
Suggested Dressings: White Balsamic Lemon & Basil Vinaigrette

Broccoli, Cucumber, Corn, Mushroom, Beets, Currents, aged cheddar and Walnuts with romaine lettuce.
Suggested Dressings: Creamy Dijon Maple Dressing

7 grain Rice cooked in Mexican spices, avocado, tomato, corn, black beans, jalapeno, fried onion and pepper jack cheese.
Suggested Dressings: Green Goddess Dressing

Tomato, Cucumber, Quinoa, Broccoli, edamame, carrots, sunflower seeds, dates, craisins.
Suggested Dressings: Tuscan Italian and Sundried Tomato Dressing

Cous Cous, Onions, Tomatoes, Cucumber, chickpeas, Kalamata olives, red and green peppers, feta and pita chips.
Suggested Dressings: White Balsamic Lemon & Basil Vinaigrette

Build your own salad or pita:
Choose your Greens or your Grains + 4 toppings + 1 Cheese + 1 Protein + 1 Fruit/Nut + 1 Dressing

Core Greens
Romaine | Mesclun Mix | Spinach |

Core Grains
Aztec Blend Rice | Tri Colour Quinoa | Couscous |

Add up to 4 core toppings for free:
Apples, grapes, tortilla chips, mushrooms, pita chips, chinese noodles, homemade croutons, edamame, kalamata olives, red & green peppers, chickpeas, black beans, tomato, red onions, cucumber, corn, carrots, broccoli, jalapenos, beets, hard-boiled eggs, fresh avocado, mandarin oranges or Kimchi.

SAY CHEESE! Add one Cheese toppings for free:
Aged cheddar, goat cheese, pepperjack cheese, feta cheese.

Add up one protein for free (Additional choices)
Roasted chicken, yam tempura, teriyaki chicken, shrimp tempura, tofu falafel.

Add up one toppings for free
Walnuts slivered, almonds dates, craisins, roasted pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds.

DRESS IT UP – Choice of ONE dressing
Green Goddess Dressing Modena Balsamic Vinaigrette
Buttermilk Ranch Olive Oil
White Balsamic Lemon & Basil Vinaigrette Balsamic Vinegar
Creamy Caesar Dressing Sesame Hoisin Vinaigrette
Creamy Dijon Maple Dressing Creamy Bacon Chive Dressing
Tuscan Italian w/Sun Dried Tomato Four Peppercorn Asiago Ranch                            

Baked Goods

Home Baked Scones: White cheddar thyme scones, lavender earl grey scones, orange cranberry scones, date hazelnut cardamom scones, Chocolate Almond Toffee Scones, Peach Ginger Coconut Scones

Fresh Baked Muffins: Morning Glory Muffin, Orange Date Hazelnut Roasted Pumpkinseeds, Summer Berry with Pecan Crunch, Banana and Chocolate Chips, Cranberry orange, Caramel Swirl with Skor

Bistro Pastries: Spinach & Feta, Tomato & Olive, Leek & Parmesan, Breakfast Egg

Home Made Soup (12oz or 16oz)

Gourmet Sandwiches (Served with Baby Greens and House Dressing)

Albacore Tuna Sandwich
White Albacore Tuna Salad on a Classic Pan Bagnat

Free Range Egg Salad Sandwich
Classic Egg Salad on a classic Poppy Seed Pan Bagnat

Steak, Caramelized Onion & Chevre
Beef, slow roasted and sliced thin, caramelized local onions, Goat Cheese, Dijon Horseradish on a soft artisan baguette

Black Forest Ham, Brie & Country Mustard
Roasted Black forest Ham, Brie Cheese, and grainy country style mustard with oven roasted tomato on a croissant

Tuscan Grilled Chicken & Jalapeno Havarti
Marinated Grilled Chicken, Jalapeno Havarti, Ancho Chipotle Sauce on a fresh baked Ciabatta

The Italiano
Prosciutto, Genoa Salami, Black Forest Ham, Provolone & Pesto Mayonnaise on a Bagnat

Prosciutto & Grilled Pear
Prosciutto, marinated grilled Pear, Canadian Brie, balsamic reduction and Cranberry Baguettine

Vine ripened tomato, marinated bocconcini, fresh basil, Pesto Aioli on a Vegetable Il Perfetto

Portobello & Roasted Red Peppers
Grilled Portobello, Roasted Red Pepper, Jalapeno Havarti, Ancho chipotle mayo on a Rye & Whole Grain Bagnat

Ham & Cheese
Black Forest Ham, Swiss Cheese, Béchamel wrapped in a Buckwheat Crepe

Grilled Chicken & Ancho Chipotle
Grilled Chicken, Provolone & ancho chipotle wrapped in a Buckwheat crepe

Roast Beef & Horseradish Dijon
Slow Roasted Round of Beef, shaved with Jalapeno Havarti, Horseradish Dijon in a Buckwheat Crepe

Hand-Crafted Pizza
(Served with Baby Greens and House Dressing)

Vine-Ripened Tomato & Bacon
Homemade Focaccia, Vine ripened tomato, bacon, aged white cheddar

Fresh vine ripened tomato, basil and shredded mozzarella

Genoa Salami
Vine Ripened Tomato, Genoa Salami, Aged White Cheddar

Pepperoni, tomatoes, mozzarella

Roasted Ham & grilled pineapple, jalapeño Havarti

Roasted Red Pepper & Artichokes
Julienne roasted red pepper, grilled artichokes, feta

(Served with Baby Greens and House Dressing)

Spicy Chicken
Pulled chicken with a hint of chipotle, wrapped in a pastry

Peruvian Beef
Mildly spiced with beef cooked with potatoes and raisins, wrapped in a pastry

Seasonal vegetables, sweet potato & kidney beans marinated in sofrito, wrapped and baked in a pastry

Handmade Quiche

Quiche Lorraine
Bacon, Egg custard, baked in a flaky crust with onions and Swiss cheese

Garden vegetable
Fresh vegetables, and egg custard baked in a flaky crust

Spinach & Mushroom
Sautéed spinach and mushroom, mixed with our egg custard, baked in a flaky crust

Snacks and More

Vegetable Samosa (2pcs)
Seasonal vegetables and spices filled in a pastry and fried

Fresh falafel balls fried, served with Tzatziki

Short Pasta, Long Pasta, Gluten Free

Chicken, Bolognese, Shrimp, Tofu, Italian Sausage

Alfredo, Creamy Pesto, Classic Tomato Sauce, Olive Oil with Garlic & Basil

Onions, Mushrooms, Peas, Baby Spinach, White Beans, Chickpeas, Cherry Tomatoes, Quartered Artichokes, Roasted Red Peppers, Broccoli, Garlic

Choose your broth (1)
Tonkotsu Pork
Veggie Miso
Shoyu Chicken

Choose your noodle (1)
Thin or Thick

Choose your protein (1)
Sliced Pork Belly $11.99
Karaage Chicken $11.99 (Crispy Chicken)
Ginger Tofu $10.99
Chicken Breast $13.99

Choose 2 toppings
Bean Sprouts
Edamame Beans
Ramen Soy Egg
Sliced Green Onion
Sweet Corn
Black Mushroom
Sliced Jalapeno
Chopped Garlic
Spicy Chili Paste

Additional toppings 50c each.
Tonkotsu Pork
Veggie Miso
Shoyu Chicken Thin or Thick

Available in a Roll or Bowl

Choose your Protein (1 max)
Teriyaki Chicken, Poke Tuna, Lemon Sesame Salmon, Shrimp Tempura, Surimi, Yam Tempura

Choose your Veggie (5 max)
Cucumber, Red Onion, Carrots, Red Pepper, Edamame, Kale, Jalapeno, Radish, Seaweed Salad, Avocado, Kimchi, Pickled Ginger, Tangerines, Tamago, Bamboo Shoots, Mushroom, Masago Caviar, Tofu

Add your Crunch
Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Tempura Bits, Masago Arare, Wasabi Masago Arare, Matcha Tempura Bits, Beet Tempura Bits

Choose your Sauce
Wasabi Mayo, Curry Mayo, Teriyaki, Sriracha Mayo, Creamy Unagi

Sesame Salmon
Sesame Salmon, Kale, Seaweed Salad, Pickled Ginger, Mushroom, Carrot, Wasabi Mayo, Tempura Bits, Roasted Sesame Seeds

Spicy Poke Tuna
Poke Tuna, Cucumber, Red Onion, Edamame, Jalapeno, Carrots, Seaweed Salad, Avocado, Wasabi, Sriracha Mayo, Beet Tempura Bits, Sesame Seeds

So Chicken Teriyaki
Teriyaki Chicken, Carrots, Edamame, Kale, jalapeno, Radish, Tangerine, Pickled Ginger, Teriyaki, Tempura Bits.

Yummy Yam Tempura
Yam Tempura, Onion, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Kale, Edamame, Bamboo Shoots, Tangerines, Curry Mayo, Masago Arare

Shrimp Tempura
Shrimp Tempura, Carrots, Red Onion, Seaweed Salad, Jalapeno, Radish, Tangerine, Pickled Ginger, Sriracha Mayo, Matcha Tempura Bits

A variety of delicious beverages, snacks and sandwiches.

Stone Oven Pizza

Grilled Eggplant, Zucchini, Roasted Red pepper, Red Onion, Basil Pesto, Mozzarella.

Homemade Italian dough topped with local roma tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella and mild pepperoni slices.

Butter Chicken                      
Butter Chicken gravy, Mozzarella, Red Onion, Chicken Tikka, Roasted Red Peppers, Hot Peppers, Fresh Cilantro, Cilantro Yogurt Drizzle

By the Slice & Combo pizza flavours:
Pepperoni, Cheese, Mercato, Hawaiian


Spicy Italian Sausage 
Roma tomato sauce, spicy Italian sausage, sautéed onions and peppers, mozzarella.

Roma tomato sauce, mild, pepperoni slices, shredded mozzarella.

Basil pesto, grilled eggplant, zucchini, roasted red peppers, red onions, mozzarella.

Home Baked Scones | Fresh Baked Muffins | Bistro Pastries

Home Made Soups (12oz or 16oz)

Gourmet Sandwiches (Served with Baby Greens and House Dressing)

  • Albacore Tuna Sandwich
  • Free Range Egg Salad Sandwich
  • Steak, Caramelized Onion & Chevre
  • Black Forest Ham, Brie & Country Mustard
  • Tuscan Grilled Chicken & Jalapeno Havarti
  • The Italiano
  • Prosciutto & Grilled Pear
  • Caprese
  • Portobello & Roasted Red Peppers
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Grilled Chicken & Ancho Chipotle
  • Roast Beef & Horseradish Dijon

Hand-Crafted Pizza

  • Vine-Ripened Tomato & Bacon
  • Margarita
  • Genoa Salami
  • Pepperoni
  • Polynesian
  • Roasted Red Pepper & Artichokes


  • Spicy Chicken
  • Peruvian Beef
  • Vegetable               

Stone Oven Pizza

  • Mercato
  • Pepperoni
  • Butter Chicken

By the Slice & Combo pizza flavours

  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese
  • Mercato
  • Hawaiian


  • Spicy Italian Sausage
  • Pepperoni
  • Mercato

Not Just Greens Daily, fresh made to order salads

Sporting a menu of soups, entrees, panini, salads, and small snacks.
  • Baked Goods (Muffins, Donuts, Timbits, etc.)
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Cold Beverages

Burritos, Burrito Bowls, Taco Salads, and Nachos (small & large):
Slow cooked barbacoa beef, chipotle adobo chicken, slow cooked barbacoa pork, fajita vegetables (red & green peppers, red onions, mushrooms)

Stewed pinto beans, chipotle black beans, lime and cilantro rice, lime and cilantro brown rice, fresh tomato salsa (mild), green chili, lime and tomato salsa (medium), red chili, cilantro and tomato salsa (hot), cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, sour cream, chopped cilantro, jalapeños, roasted chili corn salsa, lime wedges

Looking for something sweet to eat? Second Cup has what you need! Accompany your sweet treat or snack with our fair trade coffee and tea. If you’re on the go, Second Cup has got you covered.

Cheesecakes, croissants, cupcakes, oh my! Accompany your treat with some fair trade coffee and tea, as Second Cup offers this sustainable practice. If your sweet tooth happens to be acting up, come by this Second Cup!

Don’t forget your sweet tooth! Come by the Pharmacy Second Cup with a need for coffee or just a hankering for snacks. As an added bonus, Second Cup serves fair trade coffee! Don’t hesitate, why wait?

Come by Second Cup and enjoy some aromatic fair trade coffee or tea. As one of our larger Second Cups, they offer a wide variety of sandwiches, pastries, cake and much more. Don’t forget your sweet tooth!

Looking for some fair trade coffee or sugary snack to get you through the day? Come by Second Cup and enjoy a specialty drink!

Stop by this Second Cup for a deliciously moist cookie and a pecan-flavored coffee!
It’s a great meeting place for groups because of the open space, yet private enough for a serious conversation with a professor.
Come on by!

Fattoush Salad
Romaine lettuce, cucumber, mixed peppers, pickled radish, tomatoes, onions and fried pita tossed with our homemade dressing

Freshly chopped parsley, diced tomatoes and onions mixed with cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil

Mezze Plate
Hummus, Mutabal (eggplant and tahini) and Tabbouleh with grilled pita


All plates are served with a salad of fresh greens, fresh, pickled & grilled vegetables, Mujadara or Saffron Basmati rice and garlic potatoes.

Chicken Shawarma (plate or wrap)
Chicken marinated in Za’atars signature spices, grilled on a rotating spit

Kafta (plate or wrap)
Ground beef skewers mixed with exotic Arab spices, grilled to perfection

Shish Tawouk (plate or wrap)
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in Sumac and Zatar spice and grilled

Merguez (plate or wrap)
Mediterranean spiced lamb grilled sausage

Falafel (plate or wrap)
Golden fried chickpea and lentil patty